Bigfoot FAQ’s

For your information we have compiled in conjunction with the USA BIGFOOT a list of Frequently Asked Questions and there answers. We hope we have included everything, but there is always something someone wants to know that we did not think of. If you are this person with a question that is not answered in this section then please email us your query and we will do our very best to not only answer it but to also add it to the ever growing list.



Yes BIGFOOT 17 is a real BIGFOOT built with the full help and assistance of the BIGFOOT team in St Louis. BIGFOOT founder Bob Chandler conceived BIGFOOT 17, during discussions with Nigel Morris. As it became clear that due to a very heavy appearance schedule in the USA, no existing BIGFOOT could be made available for a European tour, Bob Chandler had the idea of building a BIGFOOT in Europe for use in Europe.


Where can I buy BIGFOOT Merchandise?

You can buy BIGFOOT Merchandise here.


How much does BIGFOOT cost to build?

It is extremely hard to put a firm price on the cost of building a BIGFOOT. There are so many different factors to take into account, including man hours and all of the different parts that are needed. If we had to put a price on it then it would be around £100,000.


Can I get a ride in BIGFOOT?

Due to the extremely high running costs as well as the safety aspect you can not currently enjoy a ride in BIGFOOT. There are many other ride trucks out there, but unfortunately BIGFOOT is not one of them.


How many other countries has BIGFOOT visited?


BIGFOOT has appeared in Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Caracao, England, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Thailand, Venezuela, and Wales.


How long does it take to build a BIGFOOT truck?


It can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to build a BIGFOOT truck. This varies depending on how much time is put into it & how many people are working on the project.


How fast can BIGFOOT go?


BIGFOOT has been driven at over 80 miles per hour. This is accomplished by raising the gear ratio.


What are some of BIGFOOTS greatest accomplishments?

Aside from being “The Original Monster Truck®”, BIGFOOT was the first to use 66-inch tires & the first to use rear steering. It made the first car crush in front of an audience in 1982. BIGFOOT has appeared in many movies and TV shows as well as winning 6 World Championships; 5 of these in a row…another first! BIGFOOT also holds several world records including outdoor long distance Monster Truck jump and longest wheelie!


Where did the name “BIGFOOT” come from?

When first starting out, Bob Chandler was always breaking axles & engine parts. One day he asked a friend what he thought the problem was. Ron Magruder responded with “it’s because of your big foot”! Eventually that name made onto the door of the original truck, in small letters just below the window.


Can Bigfoot drive on the road or is it illegal?

BIGFOOT is not street legal. With the big tires on, the trucks are too wide, 11 to 12 feet, way to big for the UK roads. It requires special permits or a police escort. If it was road legal, BIGFOOT would not worry about traffic jams. It would just be “play” time.


How far can BIGFOOT jump?

BIGFOOT has set several record jumps in the past couple years. Aside from other past records, in July, 1999, Dan Runte & BIGFOOT 14 in the USA flew a total of 144 ft., 10 in.!!! Most recently, that record was again broken. Dan Runte in Bigfoot 14 jumped 202 feet over a 727 jetliner again in the USA. The norm is 110 to 115 feet (more than 14 cars side by side) & up to 20-25 feet in the air.


Where is BIGFOOT #13?

For the same reason there is no 13th floor in most hotels, there is also no BIGFOOT 13! The #13 has been symbolised with bad luck, our guys prefer to have good luck!

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