Team BIGFOOT made the trip to Belle Vue Stadium on Sunday to take part in the HALF TERM HIGH OCTANE AUTO ARMAGGEDON! Steve and the team made us welcome in the historic stadium.


Rain and snow during the day, never took the edge off of the excitement for the thousands of screaming fans, who were treated to a full program of racing prior to the cars being set up for the crush fest.

Conditions were to say the least challenging with wet shale and the settled snow on the top, but hey we were there to entertain and that’s what we did. BIGFOOT put in 4 car-crushing runs, and in the end the only problem was the cars moving out of place in the mud.

Team BIGFOOT had a blast in the mud, but we are lacking in volunteers to clean the truck!!!

Will we be back at Belle Vue? You betcha!!

Truck Name: BIGFOOT® #17
Body: 1997 Ford F150
Engine: 572 cu in Ford Racing V8
Transmission: 2 speed race transmission
Horsepower: Est 1750
Height: 10ft
Width: 12ft 6″
Length: 18ft
Weight: 9,500 lbs
Built: 2003

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