Now that the virtual world is taking over, dating had come a different age. With the help of the advancing technology nowadays, you can actually get to know someone from other parts of the world. You can create that special bond where only the two of you can feel and knows, a bond that only the two of your shares. Thus dating can be taken up to the next level today with the help of the internet. And unlike the old ways, which we always wanted and long to experience, but now you can easily date someone with just a few chats and video calls away. It is also known to be virtual dating.

Virtual Reality

For those who had been desperately looking for a partner with a unique or one of a kind personality, virtual dating usually helps in finding that perfect individual. And there are a number of online websites that are specifically made for dating. There are websites that are free and there are some websites that have subscriptions where in you can renew every month. And of course, in using these websites, there are the good and the bad sides that it websites possess. One of which, for the websites that are free is that some users, though not all, are scammers or robots that pose as users so that you can use and continuously to use the website. And there are some, for the paid websites, where in you have to pay monthly which is a hassle sometimes because you have to pay first so that you can use their service but then the good thing is that your account is secure.

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This virtual reality that most people created for them to live in has its many downsides as well. For example, when it comes to dating someone, most individual use the power of technology to contact and communicate the person they’re interested with, which is not that bad since you’re only using your resources however the benefits of the technology has it limits, most especially when it comes to sincerity and emotions. Of course, as a human being, and similar to both male and female, we wanted someone to do and show certain efforts not just by doing it through the use of the internet. If possible, which it is, we wanted to experience a one of a kind date the one just like what they used to do back in the 50’s and the 60’s. Those are just the amazing times where in dates are so sweet and delightful. Where men respects women, where you just go out and have fun. Watching movies in a cinema or in a carpark movie would be awesome. Or sharing a milkshake or a cotton candy in the park. Though childish but it is sweet makes you feel like you are just children who wanted to play around while getting to know each other better. But then with the environment nowadays, most people got used to a fast paced life that they wanted everything as soon as they have the chance.