What Happens When You Fall in Love?

It comes unexpectedly, inexplicably, undeniably. However, when that time comes, you just realize that you are. Falling in love is an experience that almost every person in the world has probably experienced. You experience a torrent of varying emotions that sometimes contradict each other. Sometimes you can’t even explain it yourself but you can just tell that you are in love. What exactly happens when we fall in love?


You get scared. Love isn’t just about the sunshine and the wonders. Once you fall in love, there’s a part of you that gets scared about it. What if it doesn’t work out? What if I mess up? What if he/she cheats on me? What if I do something stupid? However, you have to accept the fact that it’s normal. Getting scared is only natural once you fall in love. This is because you end up thinking on the future instead of the now.


There are times when love becomes surprisingly opposing. You’re supposed to be happy when you realize that you’re in love. However, there are special cases when you experience sadness when you do fall in love. Unrequited love is just an example. This presses on the despair as you see the one you love falling love with someone else. It’s painful. It hurts. And knowing that you can’t do anything about it just makes it worse.


It’s true. You can’t even deny it yourself. Love is a powerful thing that it can make all the logic that we know of go away. It can erase all our rational thinking and mess around with how we make our decisions. In fact, we often find ourselves doing something incredibly stupid whenever we are in love. For example, a sane and rational person wouldn’t go out at 12:00 AM just to go get a burger on impulse because his/her lover asked him to.



Our thoughts scramble and jumble up when we’re in love. What else would you expect? Love hauls over a lot of things in our mind. We think a lot about the past and bring it over to the present. And then, we try to connect everything together, though in a futile effort. We try visualizing the future with our significant other but it only makes your confusion worse. Thinking about everything around you – from your past, to your present and to your future takes big toll on our thinking.


Because of all the emotions that we experience when we’re in love, sometimes we grow ambivalent. We can be sad but happy at the same time. We can be angry but sad at the same time. The mixture of emotions adds more to the confusion that we experience as your relationship keeps going.


However, after all that, we experience the greatest thing that love can give us – happiness. It’s the ultimate reward of loving another person and being loved back. It’s an enlightening feeling that you just can’t explain. It gives you energy. It gives you strength. But most importantly, it gives you the ability to love more. Read more